Quality and Productivity

Castle Street Hospital for Women started a new journey in year 2000 under the hospital director Dr K.K.W. Karandagoda to improve the quality of service through productivity.

Dr karadagoda

Dr K.K.W. Karandagoda

(Director CSHW 2000-2008)

Japanese management practices of 5s, Continuous Quality Improvement (Kaizen) and productivity concepts were introduced to the hospital.

Our Philosophy and Principles


  • ØClear Vision and Mission
  • ØConsistency
  • ØImproving Systems
  • ØCreating Quality Culture

 Quality Policy of the Hospital

 We are committed to Total Quality Management. We practice continuous improvement in all aspects of our performance. We dedicate ourselves to satisfy our customers’ expectations.

Components of National Policy on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

  • ØCustomer and Patient Satisfaction
  • ØContinuous Improvement of Managerial Systems
  • ØPromoting evidence based as well as ethically accepted clinical practice
  • ØMechanism for risk management and safety
  • ØStaff competence and welfare
  • ØInstitutional strengthening and networking
  • ØHealth Promotion
  • ØEnabling Internal Environment to Quality Improvement

Hospital was awarded several times for providing quality service to the patients.

             vNational Productivity Award –-  Service Sector – Winner


             vTaiki Akimoto 5 S Award – Best Implementation of 5S in the Service Sector– 2001


              vKaizen Award – Runners Up - 2002(Best implementation of Japanese Management Practices)


             vSri Lanka National Quality Award – Merit Award - 2002 


              vNational Productivity Award – Gold Award - 2003



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